About Us

Chuck Marra and Megan Foley have been partners in
business and in life since 1987. When you hire them you
get two brains, two sets of eyes and very two very
different personalities that complement each other

Megan Foley was trained at Cal State Northridge with
a degree in Theatre.

Chuck was trained with Lee Strasberg at NYU.

They bring their individual tastes and talents to all the projects they work on.
Casting has allowed them to work with some very talented people around the world, which delights them to no end!  
Outside of casting, their passions are theatre and teaching the next generation of actors as well as their kids and Alfa Romeos (californialfisti.com)
They have developed the Award winning series of plays entitled "YOU", which. until the pandemic hit, played annually at the Holly Fringe Festival and will be returning.

They have also discovered their new passion for short films. They have directed and produced over 25 shorts which are in festivals around the world currently. They also love collecting Laurels!!!