Scenes for Reel

this is why...

So your reel

isn't getting you work? 

 or don't have a reel at all?

 You need a reel, a good reel.

The scenes on your reel should show Casting Directors & Agents how you handle a scene;

what you can do and how well you can do it.

As Casting Directors we've seen thousands of reels that look and sound alike.


Who wants that?


That's where we come in to help you.

We create new scenes just for your reel, produced by people who know how to do it.

We are Award-Winning Casting Directors of film and theatre and have worked together for over for 30 years.

We know what Casting Directors, Agents, and Producers want in a reel and

how to get the performances that you need, out of you.  


The Details

Easy as 1,2,3.4
1. Decide on The Single (it's all about you)  or
The Two Shot (split it with a friend)
2. Pay holding fee
3. Pick a date
4. Schedule a consultation
Then we will :
Decide on a scene and set, write the scene, hire the cast &crew.
Now, leave all the rest to us!




For individual actors looking to grow their reels!



Bring another actor to work with and split the cost!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Upcoming Dates:
July 17
July 10
July 24
August  7
August 21
September 18


Step 4

Add ons

One on One Coaching

 Work with Megan Foley and/or Chuck Marra

to delve further into

your scene and character to get your best preformance


Hair & Make up

Highly recommended. They will stay for your entire scene to make sure you look your best on camera.

You may bring your own as well but they must follow our Covid Protocols

$125/ shoot

 IG/ Tik Tok Edits

Edits created and sized for  specifically for Instagram and

Tik Tok

$60 for both

 Additional Edits

If you feel you want or need additional cuts.