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Proof of Vaccination or 72 hour negative covid test is required for all In Person students

private coaching


Our private online sessions are one of our most popular services. We offer 30 minutes sessions or 1-hour sessions via Zoom or Facetime.


$60 half-hour session

$!25 Hour session


We are highly recommended by Actors,Agents and Managers, Parents and other Casting Directors and have been coaching actors of all ages and levels since 1987.

Our Philosophy

It is our belief that no one can make your career but you.

Good acting classes should strive to improve an actor's skills, but also help you create and cement a strong career for years to come.


Our classes do that.

A career is built role by role and takes time dedication and passion. Unfortunately, one job rarely makes a career.


In our classes, you learn by doing.

  • There is not a lot of sitting around watching other people.

  • Every actor works every week in class in a safe studio work environment.

  • Learn what you want to say as an actor and how to express it. 

  • Learn the practical skills needed to be on set.

We have several classes to choose from depending on your current skill/comfort level.

We are very relaxed but take this career very seriously and want you to as well.

If this interests you, you have found the right place. Welcome.

Beyond Branding

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Take your marketing Beyond Branding
             Each student ends up with two original scenes for their reel and an IMDB credit (or a short film).

              We meet for 5 weeks to work on your acting technique, your character development, and rehearsing your scenes.
           The 6th week we shoot your scene. We have a long shoot day and everyone participates and helps

This workshop is for all levels
Limited to 10 actors per session. 
 email below
$600 for 6 weeks
paid up front 
plus lab/crew fee ($150) paid before week 4

The Acting Class (Int/Advanced)
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The Acting Class

This is an ongoing class for more advanced, dedicated, serious actors.

Tuesdays 1-4 pm  Hybrid in person and via zoom

Class meets 3 hours weekly and expects  little outside rehearsal.

  • We work on relaxation and sensory work.

  • We discuss our successes of the week and goals for next week.

  • We work on the techniques of Strasberg (who trained Chuck at NYU/TISCH) and Stanislavski, We work on training your body so it is ready to work when it is needed.

  • You will be required to bring scenes to work on in class that make you move towards where you want to go as a working actor and artist.

  • We use classic scene study to work on character development and script analysis

  • Wo work on audition techniques for in-person and self-tape/zoom auditions.

  • For the time being this is a hybrid class (you can do it in person or online)


In our studio, we encourage you to break away from your past comfort zones, in a safe and supportive environment and community.

We are going to get you ready for any and all auditions and roles that come your way, which we can rehearse in class. Movies, television, commercials, or theater, whether comedic or dramatic, we will work on it all.

Occasionally we will surprise you with a scene or commercial in class to keep your cold reading skills in tune.

Chuck was trained by Lee Strasberg and does not deviate from the training he got with Lee. Our goal is to pass it on to you so you can learn to use it as it was meant to be: a tool for the actor, not a style of acting.

In our 30+ years in this business, Chuck and Megan have worked on both sides of the camera and we have a lot of knowledge and passion to share with you.

Scenes for reel

You just need new footage for your reel?  No class, minimal rehearsal?
More Comedy, Mystery, Procedurals, Horror, and everything else...
Let us help.
We have produced over 30 award-winning short films and as casting directors, we know what belongs ( and what doesn't belong) in your scene,
We will write and produce your scene specifically for you with a 10-day turnaround or less.
And we charge a very fair and competitive rate to give you great quality footage.

We have a few packages to choose from

The Commercial Intensives

Get the rare opportunity to work with two Casting Directors and a Manager to get feedback on your work,  your materials, your auditions.  Learn new and innovative audition techniques, and become a moreconfident, bookable actor.

Classes very small (under 10 students)  and currently on zoom

Reserve your spot early. Fills up fast.



The  Original You Project 

The Original Project started out 6 years ago as an experiment to see if we could take a group of actors and really make a huge difference in their careers in 6 months.  
It worked!
They became a group of several actors, writers, producers, and directors determined to make their voices heard. 
They developed their own projects.
They got Agents and Managers.
They got work: Feature Films, Plays, TV Series, Web Series, Commercials.
They grew as actors, as business people, and as humans.
The YOU Project is our flagship class.
This is by far our most vigorous but rewarding class we offer. It is the class that changes lives and careers and we have taught it to well over a 100 actors.
We call it the You project because YOU are our project.
Reserve your spot early. Fills up fast.

​                                                                   BY  INTERVIEW  ONLY
                                                          Limited to 14 actors per session.
                                                 Offered once a year. Next session: Spring 2022



filmmaker's group


The Filmmakers Group is a class comprised of students who have completed the "You" Project, and have become award-winning actors and filmmakers who are putting it all together.

This class is meant to give the actor the most control over his/her career possible.

The actor becomes a filmmaker-driven to tell stories that matter and define the way Hollywood looks at him or her. The focus is on finding the actors’ voice and putting it on screen, using all the skills learned in The YOU Project and On-Going Scene Study classes.

Actors are required to write collaboratively, produce, crew, and act in short films to enter into film festivals, as well as pitch to networks and studios.

The focus is on character development, story, and honesty, and truthfulness of performance.


"There is no other class being offered in LA right now that offers this quality education and experience for this value!" S. Schaberg

This class is by invitation only.

Learn by Doing!

Wanna know what our students think?

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