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We try to keep it simple, but here are answers to frequently asked questions

There are NO refunds. Due to the personalized nature of the classes/events if you cancel after the deposit is paid, we do to provide refunds. We do not start on your scene until the deposit is paid.  We are hiring a crew who is writing, building sets and prepping for your shoot, so please do not ask. In an EXTREME emergency, we might be able to put you on a different date, or apply deposit to another class.  Classes are not refunded.


How do I schedule a shoot for Scenes for Reel?

Schedule a video consultation with Megan /Chuck to discuss what you are looking for, what you, your Agent, and your Manager need on your reel.

We will then schedule a shoot date, craft your scene, and cast for your scene partner,

It is as easy as that.

One or Two Actors for Scenes for Reel?

The cost for one actor is $800.  If you need a scene partner,  we provide and pay for the other actor.

If you have a scene partner and want to split the scene and cost is 1200 for two actors (600) each. The genre has to be the same for each of you but we will write scripts to show you each off equally.


Each actor will receive fully edited versions of the scene favoring each of you. Edited versions will be provided in HD downloadable version and a SD/Web conversion download for Online Casting Services.

Can I write my own scene for Scenes for Reel?

Yes, we are happy to shoot a scene you have written, we just ask that it be written in Final Draft or Celtx screenplay format and is given to us a week in advance, so we can understand the scene, make the set design work and work on blocking.

Keep the scene to one-minute in length.  Strive for one page in industry standard format (Final Draft/Celtx etc.)  It may be no longer that 1.25 pages in official Screenplay format.

It also needs to be written to be shot within the parameters of our locations. There is no discount for writing your own scene.

If you decide you do not like scenes from our library that we personalize , you may pay $75 to have one written for you, using the parameters we set for location, timing etc.

Scipts are not re-used for othe actors.

Can I get a re-write or my scene?

No, for the Beyond Branding class because we are working toward a full

Yes, for Scenes for Reel. we are happy to re-write your scene once to meet your specifications or make your dialogue more "your own". Please give us 7 days notice.

Can I do my own post production?

After we do our edit, we will release all your footage to you if you want to do it yourself. Remember that, as Casting Directors ourselves, we know what agents/casting directors will respond to and how to show you off at your best. If however you want to do it yourself, bring an external Hard Drive (not a flash drive/thumb drive) and we will turn over all raw footage. There is no discount for this.

What is the Deposit/Holding Fee?

This is a non-refundable 50% holding fee due at the time of booking for us to book the studio and all our crew.  The balance is due 7 days before the shoot.

It is non refundable unless we have to cancel the shoot. 

In the event that the shoot is booked within 7 days of shooting , the total is due upon booking the date.

What equipment do you use?

We are constantly updating our equipment, but we are currently using:

  • Professional 4K camera (Black Magic)

  • a Professional sound Package, including booms and lavaliers

  • a Professional lighting package 

  • We use Adobe premier for editing  

  • We also have a HEPA Filtration system on the stages.

  • We provide sets, props. Yo may also add to the props is you have something you want to use.

Can I get an additional edit?

If you want a different edit, the cost is 90/hour with your notes. If on the rare occasion there is a technical error or glitch, we will re-edit that at no charge to you.

What are you doing about Covid Compliance?

All of our crew  and cast has been vaccinated against Covid-19.  The crew will wear masks for the shoot, and we also have a HEPA Filtration system on the stages.

Our equipment and sets are disinfected between scenes, and we have disposable masks, hand santiizerter and disinfectant on set at all times,


The following guidelines posted in our studio and are requirements to ensure the health of our clients and crew. To be compliant with SAG/AFRA rules,we follow the following protocols:

  • Proof of a  Negative Covid 19 test taken with 2 -3 days of your shoot. Without that we cannot shoot and you will lose your deposit unless arrangements are made.

  • Masks will be worn at all times except on camera

  • ​Practice Social Distancing

  • ​Wash hand or sanitize regularly

  • ​No hugs or handshakes

  • We will use  contactless payment (Venmo,Paypal, Square) and contactless contracts/scripts/callsheets

What to expect on the shoot day?

Arrive on time or a few minutes early.

No visitors allowed unless they are your scene partner or Make up artist.

If you are hiring hair and make up, your call time will be 1 hour before we start shooting. Otherwise come camera ready with a couple of options of wardrobe.

We will get you on set while we are still doing some last minute tests so you can rehearse a few times and get comfortable..

We will do several takes then take a short break if you want it, and then shoot some more to make sure we get the best from you.

Please bring your own water/meals/snacks

Please get a good night sleep the night before.

Obviously, know your lines and bring your ideas.

What are your sets like??

We have several different locations to utilize:  office rooms, meeting rooms,  squad rooms, interrogations rooms, bars, living rooms, dining rooms, waiting rooms, Drs. office and more coming constantly. We strive to make each set look different, therefore, if you have specific props or set dressings you want to use, feel free to bring them and we will try to add them to your set.

We will definitely have fun and give you a professional  experience

What  if I am really sick?

If you can provide us with a verified note from a Dr's office or Urgent care, we will modify our cancellation policy as we do not want you to get worse nor do we want you to infect any other cast and crew. Your deposit/holding fee will be used on the next available shoot day. Deposit/holding fee will not be refunded if cancelled and not re-scheduled.

Can I hire Extras?

Not at the present time. We are trying to keep the number of people on set to a minimum.

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