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The filmmakers group

Learn by doing. After The "You" Project

The Filmmakers Group is a class comprised of students who have completed the YOU PROJECT, and have become award-winning actors and filmmakers who are putting it all together. This class is meant to give the actor the most control over his/her career possible.  The actor becomes a filmmaker driven to tell stories that matter and define the way Hollywood looks at him or her.  The focus is on finding the actors’ voice and putting it on screen, using all the skills learned in The YOU Project and On-Going Scene Study classes.  Actors are required to write collaboratively, produce, crew, and act in short films to enter into film festivals, as well as pitch to networks and studios. The focus is on character development, story, and honesty and truthfulness of performance.


"There is no other class being offered in LA right now that offers this quality education and experience for this value!"

All members of the Filmmakers group may take the Scene Study class simultaneously, free of charge.

This class is only offered after successful completion of the You Project or by invitation.

Learn by Doing!

This class is taught in 6 month sessions as well because it takes that long to get films made properly

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