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 Beyond Branding

Tuesday Nights @ 5 pm- 8 pm Pacific Time

 600 + 175  production fee

                                         10 actor limit                                                      


 In this class you get:

5 weeks acting, developing, coaching, and rehearing your scene

5 weeks advertising and marketing your career

2  Fully producedscenes written for you as part of a short film

1-2 shoot days

1 IMDB Credit

A short film for festival submissions

Movie Poster

*Fully produced:

professionally shot with an award-winning production company and Award-winning Directors/Coaches 

4K Cinema Camera package

professional lighting package,

professional sound package.

color corrected,

sound designed,

props and sets Individual




We help the actor create and develop a character, a new way to be seen by the industry. We don't want you to get "typecast" and in a rut, we want to show the industry your flexibility as an actor.  We develop the story and shoot a short film with you in it and then you have a project to promote. These short films will then be submitted to film festivals around the world.

This is hybrid class can be taken online or in-person but the shoot HAS to be In person. Please read our FAQs

Ages 15+

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Full payment $775
 First Half  $387.50
Second payment after $387.50 on first day of class or by special arrangement
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