The Business

We all hate rules, but there are some we have to enforce for everyone's well being and so we can continue eo operate successfully

Currently, are a Covid Compliant studio and as such we  enforce social distancing, mask wearing and sanitizing and follow the recommendations of the City ,State  and CCDC. We may also request you vaccination status at some point.

Scene Study- Tuesday nights

  • 250/month

  • 1 month deposit paid  in advance to protect your scene partner and place in class.

  • Class Meets weekly on Tuesday 5-8

  • Payment due before the first of the month

  • Please let your scene partner know if you will miss class or are leaving class, so as to be respectful of their time.

  • No refunds given after the first class

  • Please contact Megan with any problems

Coaching /Mentoring

Payments due before session

  • Schedule sessions @

  • Cancellations due before scheduled time.

  • No refunds given

  • Please contact Megan with any problems

The "You" Project

This is a 6 month commitment. Because of the amount of time needed to do your marketing successfully, write and develop your 'You ' Project  and develop your career, a full six months is necessary. You can do a subscription through pay pal but if you decide to leave the class before 6 months, you are committed to that payment. We gave up a spot someone else wanted so that you could take it.

In certain situations, you  may  transfer the owed balance to anther class or coaching, if you find this forum too difficult.