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Acting classes

The Acting Class  for Intermediate/Advance

This is an ongoing class for the more advanced professional actor, who wants to recharge and drive their career forward.   This is a weekly class that is focused on rock-solid technique of learning the actor's instrument,  character development technique,  and helps the actor develop a point of view that helps the actor stand out .
Ages 15+

In-studio and online options available
$250/month ongoing

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advaned Acting

In our studio, we encourage you to break away from your past comfort zones, in a safe and supportive environment and community.

We are going to get you ready for any and all auditions and roles that come your way, which we can rehearse in class. Movies, television, commercials, or theater, whether comedic or dramatic, we will work on it all.

Occasionally we will surprise you with a scene or commercial in class to keep your cold reading skills in tune.

In our 30+ years in this business, Chuck and Megan have worked on both sides of the camera and we have a lot of knowledge and passion to share with you.

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